Telepsychiatry page FAQs

What is Telepsychiatry?


Telepsychiatry allows you to see a psychiatrist securely from the comfort and privacy of your own home for evaluation and treatment of most behavioral health disorders. You can access this through our online patient portal. It is similar to using Facetime or Skype but on a HIPAA-compliant online video platform designed for doctor visits. [...]

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Does my insurance cover this?


Yes, telepsychiatry is covered just as in-person office visits by many insurance such as Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), CIGNA, United Health Care and Aetna. Please note that we only take BCBS and CIGNA insurance, so we will file claims on your behalf if you have one of these. You will still have to [...]

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How long are the visits?


Telepsychiatry visits are the same length as office-based visits. Initial new patient appointment is 1 hour. Follow up visits are 30 minutes.

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How much does a visit cost?


Telepsychiatry visits cost the same as office-based visits. At this time, our rate for self-pay patients are: Initial new patient appointment, 1 hour - $300 Follow up visits, 30 minutes - $175

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Is telepsychiatry visit secure?


Yes, we protect patient privacy, confidentiality and keep information secure regardless of appointment format. Our video visits are held on a secure, HIPAA-compliant online platform such as or Zoom.

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What medications can be prescribed in an online video visit?


All psychiatric medications except controlled substances can be prescribed at the initial new patient appointment. Controlled substances are certain medications that are potentially addictive and abused. According to federal law (The Ryan Haight Act of 2008), these medications can only be prescribed in an online visit if the psychiatrist has seen you at least [...]

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