Pieur Wellness is a mission-driven, physician-owned private practice. We are passionate about improving access to outpatient behavioral health care, enhancing quality of life and helping individuals lead happier, healthier, more productive lives in the community. Our mission is to contribute to making comprehensive outpatient mental health services and substance abuse treatment more readily available to those in need. We aim to help reduce the burden of illness, suffering, disability and mortality from behavioral health disorders.

At Pieur Wellness, we utilize a holistic, integrative approach in our evaluation and treatment of mental disorders. We take the time to listen and explore the various aspects that can affect your well-being. These include biological, psychological, social, environmental, lifestyle, spiritual and other factors, as well as possible stressors such as loss/grief, relationship, occupational, educational, financial, legal problems.

We take these factors into account and develop appropriate evidence-based treatment plan tailored for you, which can include medication, psychotherapy, combination of medication and psychotherapy, lifestyle or behavior change, rehabilitation, and complementary treatment modalities. We educate and work closely with you, ensuring that you are an integral part of the decision-making process. We also collaborate with patients’ psychologists/therapists, primary care physicians, other providers or specialists to provide integrated care geared towards improving your overall health and wellness.

We offer a warm, welcoming, relaxed and non-judgmental atmosphere where you feel cared for and supported. We are committed to providing a positive experience and working towards the best possible outcome for your mental health and well-being, with significant improvement in symptoms, hope and recovery. We look forward to meeting you, helping you achieve your wellness goals and optimal mental health.

Behavioral Health Is Essential To Health. Prevention Works. Treatment Is Effective. People Recover.

– Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA)