The new patient intake appointment involves an initial assessment that lasts about an hour. During this session, your psychiatrist performs a comprehensive evaluation of your mental health. This includes obtaining a complete history of your presenting symptoms, psychiatric history, any current or previous medications and how well you tolerated them, substance use history, medical history, allergies, family and social history. A diagnosis is made, feedback is provided and a treatment plan is developed taking your needs into account.

We discuss goals and expectations for treatment. Treatment plans may include recommendations regarding medications, therapies, coping skills, lifestyle changes, relationships and other factors that impact your wellness. If it is determined that additional time is needed to complete this evaluation process, the session time may be extended if there is availability, otherwise a subsequent appointment will be scheduled. Extended sessions and/or subsequent appointments will be subject to charge.

We typically order labs and in some cases, lab testing may be necessary prior to starting treatment with medication. The assessment may involve obtaining collateral information from a close family member or friend with your consent; this is often essential with elderly patients.

By the end of this initial appointment, the patient and psychiatrist can determine if they would like to continue working together. If so, the psychiatrist will become the patient’s treating psychiatrist. If at any point during treatment, the provider or the patient determines that the patient would be better served by receiving treatment from a different provider, this will be discussed, and referrals will be provided to the patient.

Please note that the initial appointment is a consultation and provides an opportunity to decide whether or not we are the right practice for you. There is no guarantee that we will immediately prescribe medication, continue previous treatment, or complete forms.